About Voila

Since starting Voila, here is how much we have given back!

Seller Savings
Buyer Rebates
Charity Fun

Minneapolis – St. Paul Real Estate Savvy Fanatics

We’re Voila. A local group of real estate savvy fanatics that found a way to transform the industry. Long story short, we have your back. We streamlined the process to create a no ‘muss no fuss’ experience. We don’t want to sell you. You consult with us how and when you’d like to achieve market success. When you work with us, you call the shots. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your home in the Greater Twin Cities, our focus is on you and our passion is real estate. We made it easy, you can make it happen. 

Core Values

Delight the World

A way to live this life – giving unexpected joy! 

Contribution without Condition

There is nothing better then giving of your time, self, or resources, with zero strings attached. 

Move the Couch

Sometimes requests of us are not convenient or easy, and our first thought maybe “how can I get out of this”.. then we remember…Move the Couch! 

Slow Down to the Speed of Love

What would love do? Show others patience- kindness- understanding..

Wear Sweatpants

Taking life to seriously can be exhausting, and egos get in the way of what feels right. 

Bounce Not Break

Life is hard, and inevitably we will face challenging times. Instead of shattering like glass, bounce like a ball!

Have Faith and Be Patient

Trust everything will work out in the end…it always does! 

Flavor First

In a world full of Bagels, be a sprinkled doughnut!