3 Tips for Relisting Your Home When a Buyer Backs Out

You listed your home for sale, and the transaction did not go as you planned. The buyer may have been unable to secure a mortgage or had to back out for personal reasons. If your home sits on the market too long, potential buyers may wonder why it has not sold yet, and you could lose some property value. Here are three tips for relisting a home after a buyer backs out to get it sold fast.

Fix Glaring Issues

One main issue that can cause a buyer to back out is glaring issues discovered during a home inspection. Before you relist your home, tackle any home repairs listed on the inspection checklist. This step will help future buyers from wanting to back out and can sell your home faster.

Consider Your Listing Price

When putting your home on the market, you want to get the best price you can. However, you may want to consider lowering your home’s price if you have experienced a buyer backing out. When you relist your home, the new pricing can help it appear more competitive on the market. Take into consideration why the buyer backed out before making any tweaks to your pricing. 

Get the Timing Right for Relisting Your Home

There are specific periods throughout the year where home sales can be sluggish. If you had a buyer or two back out during winter, try relisting your home in the spring. The right timing can make all the difference. 

Relist Your Home Today

Losing a buyer does not have to be a heartbreaking experience. Bounce back quickly by relisting your home right away. Our team of professionals at Voila will help you get your home sold quickly with no fuss. Take back control by contacting us today to relist your home and get it sold!  

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