3 Tips to Sell Your Home During the Winter

Selling a home during the winter can be a challenge with freezing temperatures and snow working against you. On the flip side, there can be benefits to selling in the winter that can work in your favor. Buyers may be more motivated because of the inclement weather and less competition from other sellers. There are a few things you can do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Here are three tips for selling your home easier during the winter.

Keep Out the Cold

Winter weather can expose major flaws like poor insulation and furnace problems. Before showing your home, make sure you have the HVAC system inspected and make any necessary repairs. Check to make sure there are no drafts from windows or doors. Warm up rooms by adding rugs on hardwood floors.

Emphasize the Season to Sell Your Home

The winter holidays can be used to help sell your home faster. Emphasize the season by incorporating holiday fun, and decor. Build a snowman outdoors and plant seasonal foliage. Add cozy elements indoors like cable knit pillows and plush throw blankets. Use winter scents and aromas to make your home more inviting to buyers. During showings, provide a list of local family fun activities people can enjoy during the winter. 

Address Winter Safety Hazards

Before trying to sell your home, make sure to address any winter safety hazards. Shovel and salt the driveway and sidewalks. Slippery or blocked walkways can cause injuries to potential buyers and turn them away from purchasing your home.

Sell Your Home This Winter 

By using the winter season wisely, you can sell your home faster and boost your property value. If you want to make selling your house as simple as possible, reach out to one of our Voila real estate savvy fanatics. We’ll help you get the best offers for your home. Schedule a consultation today!

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