4 Real Estate Tips to Confidently Sell Your Home

If this is your first time selling a house, you may be nervous and unsure about what you need to do. You want to get the best price but find the selling process intimidating. There are things you can do to make selling your home easier and help you get the price you desire. Here are four real estate tips to confidently sell your home.

Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

The first thing to do to confidently sell your home is to hire an experienced real estate agent. Look for an agent who has proven experience with your property type and is highly recommended by past clients. Research real estate agents by checking online reviews and complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau. Double-check real estate licenses and certifications through your state government. Ask for references and find out about the client’s experience with the real estate agent.

Understand Your Real Estate Financials

You need to have a strong understanding of your real estate financials if you want to make an excellent profit when selling your home. The money you get for the sale needs to be able to cover real estate agent fees, closing costs, and taxes. You can start by getting an estimate of your home’s worth and subtract your mortgage balance. Subtract all other fees you’ll incur which typically amount to around 10% of your home’s sale price. 

Prep Your Home for Real Estate Showings

Once you put your home up for sale, the count begins for the number of days it sits on the market. If a home sits unsold for too long, potential buyers will start wondering what’s wrong with it and lowball their bids. By prepping your home for real estate showings, you can sell your home faster and potentially increase its value. Some great ways to prep your home include neutralizing odors, decluttering, deep cleaning, and organizing the space in your closets.

Focus on Curb Appeal

You want your home to make a great first impression. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to pull up to your home and drive away because the exterior is a hot mess. Your home’s curb appeal can significantly boost its value and marketability. Some curb appeal projects you may want to focus on include applying fresh paint on your front door, trimming trees and shrubs, and mowing your lawn.

Voila Victories Real Estate Services 

If you’re looking to sell your home, our agents at Voila Victories can help you have a no muss no fuss experience. You call the shots and we’ll make selling your home happen fast. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to find out more about our real estate services.

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