Be On Trend for 2022

When it comes to selling houses, some things never change. First, of course, you want to make sure your house and property are clean, de-cluttered and personalized. But personalized doesn’t mean your house should lack character. You want your buyer to envision themselves living in the space without having to do too much work. Since buyers are likely already looking at how to style their new home, by incorporating a few of the trends for 2022, you can set your house apart by providing them with a head start.

Neutrals, Naturals and Not White

It always seems easiest to repaint the house entirely white. It looks clean, feels new, and the buyer can choose any color they want. The problem is, it can feel stark or even cold. Thankfully, for 2022, neutral and natural color palettes provide an updated look without overwhelming purchasers. Warm, rich light shades of gray, beige or other earthy tones will provide the clean feeling of white without the chill.

Texture in Pink and Green

Incorporating elements in soft tones of pink and rich shades of green with some neutral grays and whites is very on-trend for 2022. This simple addition is easy to create in a bedroom. With an all-white hotel-style duvet and some white pillows, adding a gray knit throw pillow and casually draping textured blankets in one of the current colors will add softness, warmth and feel updated.

Rearrange Some Furniture

Even if you didn’t need a home office over the last few years, it’s a hot item on many buyer’s lists now. If you have the space to dedicate to a home office, it’s a great place to stage for selling. If your home is on the smaller side, carve out a spot or a seemingly quiet place to work. Remove excess furniture to highlight the comfortable work area in a way that shows the space can still pull double duty.

Little touches like these can make your buyer feel like your house is up-to-date, warm and inviting. Voila! flat-fee realtors in Minneapolis can help you sell your home. Contact us today and schedule your appointment.

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