Selling My Home – Should I Wait?

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Spring is here, which typically means it’s the perfect time to list your house for sale. People are ready to head out to house hunt, after being cooped up at home during the winter. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and there is a feeling of renewal that makes home shopping so attractive. But we are not experiencing a normal spring. COVID-19 has changed the fabric of commerce in a very short amount of time. Is it still a good idea to put your home on the market? The answer: it depends.

Pros to Listing Now

Mortgage rates are very competitive right now, spurring prospective homeowners who want to capitalize on those low rates. Since low rates mean lower mortgage payments, this is extremely attractive to potential buyers. There is also less buyer competition, which means there is less chance of finding themselves in a bidding war.

Cons to Listing Now

Potential buyers are feeling the uncertainty of the job market and may be concerned about their income. This may lead potential buyers to put their plans on hold until the situation stabilizes. Social distancing concerns also make it difficult to view homes, work with realtors or mortgage companies, and feel secure in making the right decisions during this time. Buyers and sellers alike are probably concerned about safely moving during the pandemic.

Find the Right Agent

So, what’s a seller to do? The most important step in selling your home in any situation is to find the right agent. Experienced agents have the tools that are necessary to get you the price you want in the quickest time possible. COVID-19 is changing the face of real estate, but the right agent can be ready with options that still make selling your home possible. Ask if your agent is experienced in virtual tours, digital consultation and document signing options. If he isn’t, shop around until you find an agent who is well versed in technology. The uncertainty of the times we’re living in has changed the look of everything we do. Shopping, entertainment and socializing have been put on hold until we flatten the curve. Even though the prospect of selling your home looks different, At Voila! it doesn’t have to be impossible. Let’s connect to discuss your options.

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