The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Selling a Home

Buying a home can be a tricky business. Mortgage rates climb and fall, the market swings from buyers to sellers to buyers again. Add in location, cost, time, and design, and you’ve got the potential for a big fat headache. That’s where we come in. At Voila, we work with you to get things right and avoid the biggest pitfalls of home buying.

The Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

  1. The first big mistake people make when they want to sell their house is, they are trying to sell their home, not a house. If you’re like most people, you’ve made plenty of good memories in your home, especially if you’ve raised your kids there. The place is filled with joy and love and leaving it can pull at your heartstrings. The trouble is your potential buyers don’t want to buy your home. They want to buy your house. All your cherished memories will go with you and the places in the house where they were created? Well, it’s time to detach. Stage your house for selling by removing all the personal items like pictures, artwork, and that bougie pink sofa you spent three months’ salary on so you could feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with those things, but they are your style, not the buyers. Keeping things neutral lets your buyers picture their own bougie couch in the sitting room and THAT can make the sale.

2. Another mistake people make when selling their home is thinking it will sell without any work put into repairs or upgrades. Everyone has those little projects they let slide, like fixing that broken screen and replacing the back steps that are crumbling. When you live there, you adjust to the smaller things because life is busy, and repairs cost time and money. To sell at the highest possible price, you first need to put in the elbow grease and the bucks to fix those things up. You should see every bit of the cost returned, sometimes many times over when you sell. Don’t skimp on the repairs. If people want a fixer-upper, they aren’t going to pay nearly as much money for it.

What’s the Biggest Mistake of All?

3. Thinking you need to spend a fortune on a well-known Brokerage! It’s more than likely your home will sell if it’s priced right, shows well, and has good market exposure. So really, partnering with a brokerage should be as simple as getting you the right people to achieve those goals. And do you really want to pay 6-7% commission for that? Us either. Voila is not your ordinary real estate business. We are a team of experienced, excited realtors who know the tricks of the trade to sell your home without costly mistakes. Call or text us today at 651-237-2274 to talk about how we can get your home sold for more money, all while paying fewer commissions!

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